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HR Audit

In order to foster a climate of continuous improvement, it is important to engage in constant observation and continuous improvement of the company’s policies, procedures and practices so that the organization never ceases to keep improving.

This will ensure that the company achieves and retains its competitive advantage. One way to do this is to continuously monitor HR systems to ensure that they are up-to-date and to have follow-up mechanisms built into every one of them.

To uncover the needed information, it is important to determine exactly what areas should be targeted for review. If the organization has never audited its HR function, or if there have been recent significant organizational or legal changes, the organization may want to conduct a comprehensive review of all HR practice areas. On the other hand, if concerns are limited to the adequacy of a specific process or policy, the audit focus should be limited to a review of that particular area.

You can designate WPFL to monitor legal developments to ensure that HR policies and practices are kept current. Likewise, it is important to keep track of the audit findings/changes made, turnover, complaints filed, hotline issues, employee survey results, compensation & benefits advisory etc. to identify trends in the company’s employment-related issues. Identifying problematic issues, growth areas or declining problem spots can help in the decision of where to allocate time, money and preventive training resources in the future.