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Mini Case Study: Integrated Leadership Developments

This mini case study illustrates a successful leadership development initiative designed to match the organizational culture and firm readiness.

The vice president of HR of a FMCG company wanted to implement a developmentĀ  center process to launch a leadership development initiative. However, in discussions with the executive team, there was resistance. Also, considering all the organizational priorities, the CEO was concerned about the level of financial commitment required and the firm's ability to effectively accomplish this goal. After much reflection, the HR executive realized that the organization was not ready for this type of solution because it did not yet have a culture in which leaders were open to receiving feedback that an development center would generate. Rather than risk failure, the VP of HR introduced a staged approach. In the first year of the initiative, an online self-assessment tool was implemented, giving leaders the opportunity to assess themselves based on the firm's leadership competencies. In the second year, a multi-rater assessment was implemented, in which leaders were assessed on leadership competencies by direct reports, managers and peers. In the third year, a development center process that focused first on high-potential candidates was introduced. The initiative was successful, as both the culture and the readiness of the firm were respected.