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Competency Mapping, Assessments & Role Based Fitments

Human Capital, technical and managerial is the most important resource of any organization. The most important resource is also the most difficult to manage as no two individuals are similar.

Every person has different qualities, attitude, motives, personality traits, skills, knowledge etc. which has effect on their performance at work. In order to facilitate excellence in the performance of the people in the organization, it is important to identify the right person for every job. This matching between jobs and people is an important step towards organizational improvement efforts.

Research shows that effectiveness of a person to carry out a job depends not only on single or isolated factors factors but on set of many different factors. Such set of factors are termed as competency.HR professionals are entrusted with the responsibility to assess individuals for their suitability for different functional tasks and development of their potential to be effective and excel in the assigned tasks.

WPFL will support your HR function to find the right person for every job and development of the employed person to do the assigned job effectively through competency mapping and assessment.