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Interview Effectiveness training for hiring managers

The key assumption is that job candidates who have previously demonstrated a particular behavior to address a situation will repeat that behavior in the future when confronted with a similar set of problems. 
The Recruiter determines which specific behaviors are necessary for success on the job and then seeks out candidates who have shown that they are capable of exhibiting those behaviors.

Identifying those knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs), behaviors and core competencies key or critical to successful job performance based on an analysis of the job and the incumbents. 
Determining which behavioral or situational questions elicit the desired behaviors for each particular job.

Because of its apparent capability of predicting position success, behavioral interviewing in its various forms is becoming increasingly popular. A fair question might be asked as to what are its limitations. Because each job is unique, it is necessary to determine with line management what specific behaviors are associated with position success. This is a time-consuming process, so it can be justified best when there is a need to recruit many people for the same position. Obviously successful utilization depends on the support of management, skills training in its use, practice and evaluation of its effectiveness.