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An Integrated-Solution Approach to Leadership Pipeline Development

Many organizations struggle to find the right strategy to bridge the leadership gap. Some focus on a single-method approach (e.g., classroom learning) while others use the multi-solution approach with a hodgepodge of programs and no strategic process in place.
In today's complex business environment, the integrated-solution approach, with its holistic and strategic focus, works best to

One of the advantages, for example, is the focus on critical moments in the leadership lifestyle, such as the first time being a people manager or moving into an executive position. During transitions, leaders need to learn new ways of thinking about their roles or risk derailing or failing. The integrated approach offers a synergistic, strategic and sustainable pathway for organizations to build leadership capacity. Alignment to organizational strategy with long-term planning for best use of resources requires serious commitment on the part of the organization, senior leaders and HR. With its comprehensive strategy, the value of the integrated-solution approach is that it focuses on the selection of appropriate development options and, most importantly, aligns them with business goals and objectives, thus ensuring that organizations can be proactive and responsive because they are aware of what is happening in the business.