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Onboarding & Selection

Key Questions
What are the reasons for investing in an on-boarding program?

What philosophy and program components do companies utilize to effectively bring in and integrate new hires?

How do companies evaluate the success of on-boarding programs and conduct program revisions?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace and environment of continual skill shortages, companies will continue to face the following key challenges in the global economy:

Companies must respond to these challenges with innovative recruitment, retention, and development programs. Employee on-boarding can be a key link between a new employee and these programs. It is an opportunity to validate their decision to join the organization and pave the way for a productive satisfying relationship.

While management and HR professionals are quickly beginning to realize the monumental impact, whether positive or negative, that on-boarding has on new hires, many have been slow to invest the necessary time, energy, and resources required for effective on-boarding programs.

Companies cannot afford to make anything less than a good, positive first impression on new hires. As noted by one interviewed individual in this research brief,

“Our new employee is probably at their happiest when they come in the door, and we should be capitalizing on that and making them feel better about their decision, not having them think,‘Should I have had my business cards here?’ So we are missing an opportunity to engage that employee, and of course, engagement is the start of retention.”—Interviewed Individual

Considering the importance of on-boarding programs, WPFL will support you to build innovative tactics to welcome and integrate new hires into the company.