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Our Founder

Seth Walchand Hirachand – The Patriot Entrepreneur

A man of rare talent and conviction, Seth Walchand Hirachand believed that his life's mission was to free India from her economic bondage. He dedicated his life to make India self- reliant and he fired this up with unrelenting enthusiasm to empower people and establish new realities. 

Seth Walchand Hirachand’s life is a manifestation ‘management  thought’. It was a life guided by a powerful vision, through this tremendous vision he generated some out-of-the-box strategic thinking, chartered the road ahead with impeccable planning, unparalleled human resource empowerment and rigorous project management.

Hailing from a from a trading community that migrated to Sholapur from Saurashtra in the middle of the 19th century, Seth Walchand Hirachand was not born into an industrial family. His entrepreneurial journey started after he completed his education in Bombay and Poona. 

A small railway contract in Maharashtra lead Seth Walchand Hirachand to create enterprises that spanned the entire industrial spectrum. Seth Walchand Hirchand's ventures covered:

1. Construction 
2. Shipping
3. Engineering 
4. Agriculture and Agricultural Products
5. Automobiles 
6. Aerospace
7. Finance

An avid traveller, Seth Walchand Hirchand headed the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and many other organisations.

In many ways, Seth Walchand Hirchand has been the father of Indian industry. We are honoured to be operating under this legacy and strive to keep up the values instilled by him.