Service Offering

Succession Planning

Any succession planning program should be rolled out as a component of the organization’s performance development philosophy. Every employee has the right to work in an environment of continuous feedback that supports the accomplishment of his or her goals and objectives an environment that encourages individual development, both personal and professional.

The program needs to be an open book for all employees to know and understand. It is important to communicate that succession planning is not limited to recruiting and hiring qualified leaders from outside the organization, but also involves identifying and preparing future leaders from within the organization. The advantage of being open about the succession planning process is that employees will know that the organization is seeking out those individuals whose sustained track record, personal characteristics, motivation and leadership skills are needed for the future of the organization.

WPFL can support you in developing a successful succession plan that will assist in identifying and developing the top talent within the organization that ensures a continuous pipeline or bench strength into key positions and demonstrates that the organization has the right people with the right skills moving into the right position within the right timeframe.