Dale Carnegie Training

The Magic of Dale Carnegie

When Dale Carnegie started his life, teaching adults the skills of public speaking, he would not have visualized the tremendous future he was helping to create for millions of people in the generations to come. From what started as a personal passion and a work option led to the foundation of the company in 1912, which today has become the world's most successful organization in facilitating the development of effective business skills.

Very often, this domain expertise is referred to as “soft skills”. However the continued years of Dale Carnegie success all over the world reminds us again and again that these very skills, far from being soft, are sometimes the hardest to acquire, even harder to implement and can sometimes take a lot of effort to internalize. Secondly it is our firm belief, validated through years of corporate interaction, that these are the very skills, which bring in the hard profitability of organizations!

Globally, and in India also, the “Training Industry” remains extremely huge and yet, fragmented. As organizations and individuals increasingly recognize the opportunities for achievement through leveraging their human capabilities, they continue to search for solutions, which can contribute towards this effort. In this cluttered market, Dale Carnegie Training continues to deliver breakthrough results, which, on many occasions seem virtually impossible. This ability to help individuals and organizations to achieve outstanding effectiveness is behind our belief that, at Dale Carnegie, training is not what we offer as a product, but is an enabler for making our clients successful. In essence, our customers pay us for becoming more successful at what they do, rather than the training, which they receive, from us. This point is critical to comprehend the value proposition, which Dale Carnegie Training brings to the table compared to other providers of training, which is their business.

While a complete thesis could be constructed around the success formula of Dale Carnegie Training, the essence narrows down to a wonderful combination of science and art, combining together wonderfully to create the music, which can be aptly called “The Magic of Dale Carnegie”.

The structured “ science” in the combination comes from years of research in the area of learning content and instruction design. A dedicated team of experts has continued to study the principles of adult learning and integrated this understanding into a set of universally applicable human relation principles, to create the foundation of our learning material. Benchmarking of best practices which work globally has then been used to scientifically develop sets of learning modules which relate to particular areas of business effectiveness like communication and presentation skills, influencing and negotiating, world class customer service practices, leadership and team development and achieving performance breakthroughs.

Blending with the science is the unique “art” of Dale Carnegie Training – a learner-centric approach that applies the very same human relation principles, which form a large part of the training content itself. This is possibly one of the reasons why, it can even take 18 months or more for an individual to get certified to train at Dale Carnegie – and, in quite a few cases, aspirants may not make the grade! This unique methodology remains peculiar to Dale Carnegie Training, structured on time-tested principles of adult learning which make the learning experience simple and full of fun. No wonder, adult Dale Carnegie trainees, including heads of companies and extending right down to the frontline teams, cannot seem to wait to apply the classroom learnings, like little children.

As a constantly learning organization itself, Dale Carnegie Training continues to weave this core competence into domain expertise of the clients it works with, to lead to business success, which can sometimes best be described as “MAGIC”.

A legacy of over 100 years, 9 million trained, over 400 of the Fortune-500 companies as clients, over 30 languages, over 90 countries globally growing presence…and much more…is a clear testimony to the single, yet most meaningful testimonial of Dale Carnegie Training… it works!